Earlier in the year it was announced that Living Coral was 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year. Chosen for its vibrant, but mellow tone, it evokes feelings of warmth, comfort and cheerfulness. Its no surprise that Living Coral and similar tones have made a home on doors, interiors and more. Over the past seven months, we’ve seen Pantone’s Color of the Year everywhere and wanted to share how it’s been beautifully incorporated.

Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint instantly elevates a space, but Pantone’s Color of the Year brings a playful freshness. We love how it’s being used to greet guests at the front door and trickle throughout the home as painted accent pieces.

Door front:
126 Tradd Street
Charleston, SC
Story Editor/Producer: Elly Poston
Creative Director/Art Director: Robert Perino
Floral Design/Props: Heather Barrie (Gathering)

Splashes of Coral Furniture

People are incorporating Living Coral in their sitting areas with accent chairs or couches. These pieces compliment the room and add a brightness. If new furniture isn’t currently in the plan, a coral slip cover is a great option.

Accenting in Living Coral

The easiest way to bring the Pantone Color of the Year Living Coral to a home is to utilize smaller accent pieces. Incorporating a simple pillow or area rug can completely transform a room and add that perfect splash of color.

Bringing Coral Outdoors

Patios and outdoor spaces have been adorned with this gorgeous shade of coral. From cushions to actual patio furniture, Living Coral is the perfect summer shade for outdoor living.

Samantha Shreve is the digital content specialist at @properties.