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Why buy with Leslie?

  • I’ve represented hundreds of Chicagoland Buyers and because I work with Sellers too, I know what the other side is thinking.
  • I know the Chicago real estate market inside and out. Is it a good time to buy? What’s the next hot neighborhood? Is that a good investment? I know the market and am not afraid to speak the truth.
  • I can be a tough negotiator and bidding war strategist. I know it takes more than luck to win the home of your dreams.
  • I communicate – I text, chat, email, Facebook – and even talk on the phone! No matter what, I always have the time and answers you need.
  • I make sure our Buyers don’t buy the wrong property. I’m not afraid to explore dark corners and scary basements, and know what separates a good house from a bad one. My job is to protect our Buyers’ interests above all else.
  • I help with more than just finding the right property – My concierge service and preferred relationships with more than 99 home professionals will make the buying process as seem less as possible.