Last updated: October 25, 2019


Live your best Chicago life this week by filling your belly with local wings & beer, exploring barter culture, rocking out with your kids and celebrating the return of Game of Thrones.


Chicago Beer Fest

April 13 at Old Crow Smokehouse River North

If you’re always looking for a good excuse to sample new brews, you’re in luck because there seems to be a beer fest at least once a week in this town. It’s no surprise when you consider how quickly the craft beer scene has been growing over the last few years. At this upcoming fest, you’ll be able to sample dozens of different beers from various breweries. Use code “PARTY” for a special discount on your tickets.


Made in Chicago Market

April 13 at Bridge 410

Support local artists and artisans while upgrading your décor, personal style or pantry with unique goods created by the very best Chicago makers. We love these kinds of events for stocking our gift closet. The idea is to keep a variety of lovely, small presents on hand so that you’re always ready for a house-warming party, birthday party or any other occasion that calls for a gift.


Chicago’s Best WingFest

April 13 at UIC

If you consider yourself anything close to a chicken wing connoisseur, then this festival is your dream come true. 35 Chicago restaurants will be serving up their specialty wings to the tune of live music and the accompaniment of various beer and cocktail options. And if you’re feeling really hungry, you just may want to jump into one of the wing eating contests.


Macy’s Bunny Brunch

April 13, 14 & 20 at Walnut Room

Start celebrating Easter a little early with this special brunch at Macy’s Walnut Room. In addition to a delicious brunch buffet, guests will be able to enjoy face painting, a balloon artist and the famous bunny himself.


Food Swap

April 14 The Sugar Beet Co-Op in Oak Park

Have you ever wondered what it was like in the old days when people would barter to get what they needed? Well, you can experience it yourself at this unusual food swap event. It’s free to attend if you bring something homegrown or homemade to trade. It can be anything from a loaf of homemade bread to eggs that your backyard chickens hatched.


Chicago Cocktail Social

April 18 at Galleria Marchetti

For those who dig the craft cocktail movement, this is a great opportunity to try drinks from some of Chicago’s best bartenders and cocktail bars all under one room. There will also be live music and gourmet catering to help balance things out.


Rock and Roll Playhouse Presents the Music of Prince

April 14 at Thalia Hall

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you need to stop rocking. This kid’s music series brings together music that parents love in a way that kids can enjoy. Games, movement and stories help bring the music to life and get kids involved,


Game of Thrones Trivia & Watch Party

April 14 at Replay Lincoln Park

The long wait is finally over – the last season of GoT airs this Sunday and it’s basically an international event. If you feel like watching it anywhere other than your own couch, Replay LP is a good bet. You’ll be able to enjoy the temporary GoT pop-up experience, series trivia, good food & drinks and, of course, the show itself. We’d recommend arriving early to get a table as it’s sure to be a popular event.