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Design Inspiration: Think Brick

Chicago loft condominiums have quickly become a hot commodity in neighborhoods where raw living space meets bustling restaurant and art corridors, ultimately helping to develop those communities into trendy social hubs. What makes these spaces so coveted? Tall ceilings, timber beams, and of course, exposed brick walls. Raw brick in homes, paradoxically, creates warm and cozy corners despite the cold nature of its appearance. 

But if your humble abode doesn’t already come with brick in its original state, using thin brick for wall accents can be an easy alternative. Companies like Chicago Brick & Stone Corp., among others, have created the character of exposed brick lofts using high-quality brick and stone materials with professional craftsmanship. Brick veneers and wall covers generally come in a variety of colors and since they don’t provide any structural support, can be adhered to any aspect of a home interior, ultimately creating the cozy and charming character and feel of a full-blown loft!

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