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A Streamlined & Fair Process For Divorce Real Estate Clients

Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert | CDRE

Even after 20 years and dozens of divorce-related real property transactions, I still yearned to gain more education and insight on all the moving parts of divorce (taxes, finance, family law, mediation, etc). This led me to obtaining a certification in divorce real estate (CDRE). The forty hours of intense in-person training was taught by family law attorneys, judges, a Certified Divorce Lending Professional. My training is on-going.

My sub-specialty is being able to unveil and address real property issues as they relate to divorce, while understanding the unique circumstances and responsibilities of working with divorcing couples.

I balance my neutrality and the professional duty I owe to two opposing parties in every aspect of my work and interactions. As a CDRE, I am held to a higher standard of ethics than a traditional real estate agent and specifically recuse myself from dual agency and other situations which may create potential conflicts.

Real estate, law, finance, and counseling/mediation must work together to provide the most streamlined and fair process for divorce real estate clients. I work in partnership with family lawyers, collaborative attorneys, and mediators as a neutral third party to:

  1. Avoid mistakes made by other real estate agents that cause delays, grief and often significant dollars.
  2. Plan for the seldom researched, volatile and ’surprise' financials typically overlooked by agents.
  3. Avoid the medium-high probability events that almost always blindside the general agent and the divorce process.

I have a dedicated team of professionals who can assist in all of these areas. When we partner together, you’ll receive up-front, complimentary services such as comparative market analysis, advice of any deferred maintenance, preliminary title documents, refinance advice and hands-on early-stage consulting to family law attorneys and mediators.

For more information, please contact me through email (leslie@leslieglazier.com) or phone (312.208.3444).

Services and Billing Rates

Fair Market Valuation (FREE)

  • “High/Low” Property Value Range (FREE)
  • Not for Settlement

Court Ready Fair Market Valuation ($350)

  • For Settlement
  • Includes an on-site property condition review to generate a specific Fair Market Value for the subject property, with a detailed report that explains how the FMV was determined.

Homeowner Lien & Judgment Search (FREE)

  • Use this report to confirm there are no outstanding liens or judgments against either homeowner that could be attached to the house after the divorce.
  • County Tax Liens
  • State Tax Liens
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Judgments
  • Child Support Liens

Free Home Refinance Consultation with CDLP (FREE)

  • Have a Certified Divorce Lending Professional confirm that the house can be successfully refinanced to get spouse off the mortgage before negotiations are finalized.

Sale of Residential & Commercial Property

  • Listing Agent Commissions – Negotiated based on circumstance.

Expert Witness Testimony

  • $600 Minimum (3 Hours of Court Time)
  • $100 Each Additional House

Leslie Glazier | Broker | CDRE | RCS-D

Each day, my goal is to empower clients to make wise real estate decisions as they transition to the next chapter of their lives.

Like so many others, I experienced divorce as a child. My parents divorced when I was fourteen and my mom immediately remarried. Due to their decree, my mom was forced to sell our family home. I had moved six times by the time I was eighteen. This experience left me angry, frustrated, and with the constant feeling of not being in control of my own life.

History repeated itself with my first marriage. I got divorced when my boys were seven and ten. As a new-found single mother, I felt fiercely protective of my young boys and guilt-ridden for the upheaval that the divorce caused them.

I would have benefitted from a more collaborative approach to my divorce. My attorney advised me on all the legal aspects as well as listening to me vent and make rash decisions, yet he was not a trained therapist, real estate agent or financial expert, and my legal bills ran up quickly.

Knowing what I know now, I am convinced that a team of trained professionals is what I needed to guide me through the process. This would have saved me a lot of emotional and financial distress. And I am convinced that’s what every person needs at this trying time in their life.

After these experiences, I gradually became the “go-to” person for divorce among my friends seeking advice, and I vowed that I would find a way to make a difference. Since then, I have remarried and had two more children, creating an incredibly close family of six – of which I could not be more proud. And it’s no surprise that my career has evolved into helping others through divorce real estate. Attorneys run in my family – my late father, grandfather and brother. Also, my mother and step-father are psychologists.

When not at work, my favorite pastimes are dancing, traveling, and hosting dinner parties filled with a spirited discourse, great music, and a lot of laughter (I am sure we all can’t wait to be social again). I serve on Giordano Dance Chicago's Board and am involved with Starlight Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House.

"My experience with Leslie and Ali was absolutely outstanding! They truly served as a calm in the middle of a storm. Divorce and separation can be a tremendously stressful time, and to pack on top of it the need to sell a house only makes it more stressful. Leslie understands the stress that comes along with the divorce/home selling process as she has lived it, and helps both parties navigate the entire journey. The minute they walked through the door, Leslie and Ali provided guidance in terms of preparing the home for sale. Once the home was ready for photographing a few days later I knew the home was going to sell within days, and it did. I think back today, and am certain that the light Leslie and Ali brought helped guide me through a dark, difficult moment in my life. I recommend them to any couple going through a divorce. Thank you both!"

– S.Y.

"Leslie was exceptional in managing a very tense situation for my family in expediting the sale of our home. She managed to successfully navigate my desire to maintain minimal contact with my then spouse by setting up appointments individually. Her list of contacts and years of experience allowed for a quick sale of the home at over expected value."

– S.M.

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