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Pre-Listing DIY Home Inspection Checklist

This do-it-yourself home inspection checklist will help you identify and address issues before you list your home to ensure a smooth selling process.

Buying or Selling? What’s the Chicago Real Estate Market Like?

Whether you’re thinking about buying a house or selling your own, you’re going to want to know what the real estate market is like in Chicago, and we can help.

11 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent During Your Divorce

When hiring a real estate agent during a divorce, consider hiring a Divorce Real Estate Specialist. There are no additional costs, just benefits. Here are 11 questions to consider when hiring a real estate agent during your divorce.

Sellers: Now Is The Time To Keep Your Listing Active. Here’s Why.

This article originally appeared on One of the most common questions among home sellers during this crisis is, ‘Should I take my home off the market?’ We understand that in times of fear and uncertainty the first instinct is to pull back. However, if your goal is to sell your home in 2020, there are…

Curious Calculus: Zillow Home Assessments

Rising property taxes is a frustrating fact of life in Chicago and greater Cook County. However, the City and County’s rising debt has caused politicians to increase real estate taxes to solve city and county’s budget woes. Even worse, county assessor’s valuation methodology has come under increasing scrutiny. Savvy homeowners need to understand how the…

5 Real Estate Pricing Myths Sellers Need to Know

When it comes to selling homes, the price is very often the “hot topic” whether you are the seller or buyer. The process involved in determining the appropriate listing price isn’t always what one might think, though.

Millennials Say, “OK Boomer” to Sprawling, Outdated Baby Boomer Homes

Every week it seems like there’s a new thing that Millennials have supposedly “killed” – cereal, casual chain restaurants, cable TV, and diamonds are just a few of the things this generation is credited for offing in the last couple of years. But perhaps it makes more sense to look at why people who are…

Can I Keep the House? How Divorce Impacts Your Home Ownership

There’s a long list of things that make divorce complicated, emotionally taxing and overwhelming. But the question of a shared home is pretty high up on that list.

Brian Dombrowski VP Lending Guaranteed Rate

Leslie Glazier of @Properties sits down with Brian Dombrowski, VP Lending at Guaranteed Rate