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In this free guide, you will receive tips on how to set up a home for viewing, with insider information and outside-the-box thinking. The guide includes:

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  • Tips on successful staging
  • Perspectives from both buyers and sellers

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And as an Accredited Home Stager, Leslie’s keen eye for design and one-of-a-kind marketing techniques assist her clients in preparing their homes for sale and in attracting rock-solid buyers. Leslie’s caring attitude toward those she represents is part of what makes her such a skilled negotiator. She wants the best for her extended family of clients who soon learn they can depend on her throughout every transaction.

Staging Blog

What is Accessory Staging? 7 Ways It Can Help You Sell Your House Faster

What often makes the difference between a home that looks gorgeous and one that looks underwhelming is the accessories. They are what bring life, character and style to a home. General home staging involves replacing most or all of your furniture and home decor with new items for the duration of your sale. That can…

Renovation Loans Open the Door for First-Time Buyers

Homes that are financially within reach for first-time buyers are often in need of updates. Fortunately, there are a number of home-loan products that offer an affordable financing solution by allowing rehab costs to be included in mortgage payments. “Fixer-uppers provide an opportunity for homeowners to get into a home, make it their own and…

Wallpaper is Back with Mitchell Black

Its no secret that wallpaper is back on the scene. Prints, colors and texture are gracing the walls of homes and commercial locations everywhere. Talk about interior elevation! With an increasing amount of interest in wallpaper, we sat down with Marcy Swerdlow of Mitchell Black to answer some FAQ’s and shed light on the options you have…

The Impact Staging Your Home Has On Your Sale Price

Some Highlights: The National Association of Realtors surveyed their members & released the findings of their Profile of Home Staging. 62% of seller’s agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market. 50% of staged homes saw a 1-10% increase in dollar-value offers from buyers. 77% of buyer’s agents said…

The Ultimate Guide to Staging a Home That Sells

  Click to Download My Ultimate Staging Guide According to NAR, 77% of buyers’ agents indicated staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. Before you list your home, follow this list of staging preparations to highlight a home that sells. Create space Many buyers are looking…