What often makes the difference between a home that looks gorgeous and one that looks underwhelming is the accessories. They are what bring life, character and style to a home.

General home staging involves replacing most or all of your furniture and home decor with new items for the duration of your sale. That can be a very costly and arduous process that some may not want to undertake. 

Accessory staging, on the other hand, is a much simpler process that still makes a big impact on buyers. Read on to find out how it can help you sell your home faster.


1. Helps You Avoid Clutter


Clutter is one of the biggest enemies of the home sale. Having every surface covered in items that are special to you can be a big deterrent for the buyer. They end up focusing on all the stuff and not the home itself. 

The first step of accessory staging is removing and storing the personal and decorative items that live on your shelves, tables, dressers, etc. Then, we come back in with a curated collection of pieces that were chosen specifically to show your home in its best light, giving your home a more polished look.


2. Allows Buyers to See Themselves There


Your kids’ framed art, chachkis from your travels and that unusual antique lamp you got from a flea market  – all this stuff is cool and special to you. But the fact is, none of it is special to potential buyers. 

As they walk through your home, they’ll be trying hard to imagine themselves living there. Make it easy for them by providing a more neutral canvas for their imagination.


3. Makes Your Home Look Well Maintained


As savvy home buyers stroll through your home, they’re not only deciding if they like the layout and architecture. They’re also quietly hunting for signs that the home is well maintained… or not. Put simply, a home that’s neat, tidy and decorated nicely looks like it’s probably better maintained.


4. Your Home Looks Larger


All the stuff we accumulate over the years tend to make the space look smaller. And that’s OK when you’re living there. But when it comes time to sell, you want the place to look as large as possible.

We real estate experts know little tricks that can help do that without removing or replacing all your furniture. Maybe we’ll put a large mirror in a small bedroom, replace your gallery wall with one, big artwork or hang floor-to-ceiling curtains in a room with low ceilings. The point is, we’ll maximize what you have to make it look its best.


5. Makes a Great (and Memorable) First Impression


Keep in mind that buyers are often looking at a LOT of properties – so many that they can sometimes forget which is which. Having an intentionally decorated space goes a long way to making an impression that sticks.


6. Attractive to Agents


Remember that you’re also trying to make your home attractive to agents, who are the people pointing buyers in your direction. And agents love a home that’s been de-cluttered and tastefully decorated. 


7. Photographs Better


Never underestimate the power of your listing photos to attract the right buyers. Staging the accessories can help ensure that the photos pop and entice people to want to see more in person.

If accessory staging sounds right for you, then you’re in luck. We offer free accessory staging to all of our clients. We love helping to ensure your home looks as beautiful as it possibly can when its new owner walks through the door for the first time. 

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