Chicago’s Wicker Park is loaded with history, culture, class, and creativity. Beadniks on Division Street is no exception, and the selection of exquisite jewelry beads is a sight to behold.

For creative types looking to make custom jewelry, Beadniks has a massive selection of beads for multiple types of projects. Additionally, the staff is very insightful about current trends and styles around Chicago, and they add a unique perspective that is fresh with new ideas.

Visiting the Shop

Leslie meets with Jessica to talk about all of Beadniks’ amazing offerings, including the classes they offer for a very personal feel on bead-working training, and how some of their customers hold bead-working parties for special occasions within the shop. 

If jewelry isn’t your goal and you are looking to create something completely different with beads, that’s where Beadniks can step in to help! No idea is ever turned away, and the staff seems to really enjoy what they do. 

Things to Do

Beadniks is family-friendly, and has kits available for children to build their own custom pieces. But their pieces aren’t limited to purely beads; stone, pendulums, rings, and several other natural products line several rows within the shop. From the Beadniks website: “Beadniks is a bead and jewelry boutique located in Chicago’s Wicker Park. Visit us to create your own masterpieces, or let one of our talented staff make it for you. We sell beads, supplies, tools, finished jewelry and even artwork. We offer repair/redesign services, workshops and have two large work tables perfect for parties.”

Plan Your Trip

If you are visiting Chicago’s Wicker Park, plan your trip to include several of the neighborhood’s historic buildings, largely still intact with original facades from the 1800s. Milwaukee Avenue is famous for these such buildings. Development of Wicker Park was spurred by the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, in an attempt to ease the hardships families in the area faced in the aftermath. Many of the buildings in the neighborhood hold comfort and class within their walls, and from the upper floors and rooftops, you are treated to wide-span and breathtaking views of the Chicago skyline. 

Fans of the film High Fidelity, directed by Stephen Frears and starring Evanston-born John Cusack will recognize the Wicker Park neighborhood used for background in several scenes of the film.

Starting planning a romantic evening or a cultural experience by visiting Wicker Park, and be sure to visit Beadniks for creative inspiration and a look at the best Chicago has to offer in class and style. If you enjoyed your visit, feel free to drop them a note on their Yelp page, filled with dozens of positive reviews and happy comments from customers that enjoyed their experience, and dropped helpful tips. You can also connect with Beadniks on Facebook here

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