In Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood, one local boutique’s class and vintage appeal are easily apparent. At Tilly, vintage women’s clothing, jewelry, purses, hats, belts, styling, designing, and so much more are available. Susan also has a dedicated designer at her disposal should you find a piece you love and need it altered.

Tilly’s unique appeal

Located at 5232 N Clark St, Tilly hosts hundreds of pieces rich in story and history, connecting Chicago’s historic past with the city’s present beauty. Susan acquires new pieces, both wearable and viewable, on a weekly basis, so be sure to check back often for tons of new selections.

While the shop may be small in size, it makes up for it with impressive show; there are always 4 or 5 mannequins dressed to the hilt standing outside the store on the sidewalk, rain or shine. Tilly is tucked between two iconic spots, Svea Diner and Simon’s Tavern, both cash only and well worth a visit. Simon’s still has an old school jukebox with a great mix of new and old albums. (from Simon’s Taven owes its origins to the prohibition era, where it started as a basement speakeasy. While many of the original Swedish buildings have been replaced, the original architecture of Tilly and these iconic spots still remain. 

Things to do in Andersonville

The neighborhood of Andersonville lies with the western edges of Edgewater. At one time there were more Swedes in Chicago than any city outside of Stockholm. Many of Andersonville’s Swedes were carpenters, contractors, and architects, and played a significant role in building the city (via Wikipedia).

While in Andersonville, be sure to also stop by the Saint Ita Catholic Church to view its iconic bell tower, located on the famed Broadway St. Of the dozen or so neighborhoods in Chicago, Tilly makes its home in one of the most historic of these neighborhoods – a must-see stop for natives and tourists alike!



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