Located in Lincoln Park, Laudi Vidni provides a unique cultural experience, far away from the mainstream big brand outlets. Founded by two friends (two Harvard Business School grads!), Laura Kofoid and Grace Tsao-Wu, Laudi Vidni pairs two fashion veterans enamored with customization.

Their mindset? Be different than everyone else. Their shop allows them to use their admittedly quirky, individual fashion sense. In 2017, Grace passed away from cancer. She was an inspiration to Laura, and to so many others, including President Obama, who called her a “difference-maker.” Laura honors her memory in every decision she makes to create something beautiful, to find the most exquisite material, to care about the details. Laudi Vidni honors her by donating a portion of every sale of the Grace Wristlet to the Grace Tsao-Wu Differencemaker Fellowship at One Million Degrees, an amazing organization that empowers low-income, community college students to succeed in school, life and work. It was one of Grace’s favorite organizations. For more on the history and inspiration for Laudi Vidni, visit their website.

The Inspiration

The moment I entered the shop for this edition of Windy City Wednesdays, I could see Laudi Vidni was nothing like the big brand box stores you can find almost anywhere. The name of the shop itself is the word “Individual” spelled backward. This epitomizes the founders and their vision for bucking the mainstream brands in favor of a unique, individualistic style. I wanted to take home just about every custom creation I came across! These fashionistas really know their stuff, and I was in awe of how nothing in the store seemed like it came off a production line; each piece was unique and custom-built, and all of the materials come from local Chicago suppliers!

The Selection

Purse fashion has become, in a way, very templated. With so many scrambling for the same bag simply because of the brand name on it, it was refreshing to walk into the Laudi Vidni shop and see absolutely nothing that was easily recognizable.

With over 40 shapes to choose from in their custom leather goods templates, Laudi Vidni’s selection allows customers to build their bags piece-by-piece. If you are like-minded and don’t want something that everyone else has, Laudi Vidni is your vibe!

Be Unique

The street style of Laudi VIdni is straight out of Chicago fashion, a clear indication of Chicago living and Chicago life. Since all handbag materials are made in Chicago, at Laudi Vidni you get an authentic Chicago experience!

The quality of their leather and products looks, and feels, better than many of the other alternatives, and the Yelp reviews certainly back that up.

Connect with Laudi Vidni

Feel free to reach out to the shop from Facebook and Twitter. Planning a corporate event? Consider contacting Laudi Vidni to host a night of design where participants can customize their own accessories/purses using the hundreds of custom materials found at the shop. There are many other ways Laudi Vidni supports corporate life, so make sure to swing by their website for more information.

Other Things to Do in Lincoln Park

If you are planning on visiting several Chicago neighborhoods, make sure to put Lincoln Park near the top of the list. Lincoln Park offers something for him, and for her! If your idea of a perfect couples date is a little sports, a little shopping, and a little fine dining, Lincoln Park is the place to visit!

The park features baseball and softball fields, basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, cricket pitches, football/soccer fields, a golf course and driving range, lacrosse fields, rugby pitches, tennis courts, volleyball courts, field houses, a target archery field, a skate park, and probably more.

After the athletics, head over for boating and swimming activities, or visit some of the many landscaped gardens, public art, bird refuges, or the zoo. The Chicago History Museum is only a couple blocks away, and a theater on the lake will have regular outdoor performances held during the summer.


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