Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Square, Merz Apothecary offers an array of personal health products with a knowledgable staff and a rich family ownership tradition. 

The shop was founded in 1875 and was passed down through generations of the Merz family until Abdul Qaiyum purchased it in 1972. Qaiyum moved the shop to its present location before passing the legacy down to his son and current president, Anthony Qaiyum. The 144-year-old pharmacy focuses on natural home remedies, clean beauty products, independent fragrances, and men’s grooming products today.

Inside the Shop

Original ailment remedy bottles from the 1800s adorn the shop’s walls, with hand-written formula books from that time. 

The pharmacy’s high Yelp ratings are a testament to their outstanding customer service and diversity of product offerings. Connect with Merz on Facebook to see what others have to say about Merz, or to contact them with any questions you may have.

Stop by Merz to hear from experts available in almost all personal health topics, and be sure to read the labels on those old bottles for startling home remedies of the 1800s! 

Around the Lincoln Square Neighborhood

Lincoln Square is located in Chicago’s North Side, and still maintains its origins as a German-American farming country with subtle reminders of its 1840s beginnings. The architecture in this neighborhood still bears signs of German influence, and the DANK Haus German American Cultural Center provides visitors with a rich, cultural experience of historical significance and education. The many parks located in Lincoln Square make it a beautiful place to rest and relax, visit local shops, and have romantic walks through green grass and gardens in the Spring and Summer seasons.

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